If you’re a Four Roses fan, you’ll want to take note.

A couple weeks ago at the Bourbon Classic, Four Roses master distiller Jim Rutledge said his favorite all-time Limited Edition Single Barrel was the 2011 LE Single Barrel.

As it turns out, that was his least favorite.

“It’s too late now, but I misstated the year of my favorite LE Single Barrel,” he told me. “It was 2010 not 2011. The worst part of it is 2011 (OBSQ) was my least favorite of the limited releases.”

The Limited Edition Single Barrel 2010 was a 17-year-old OBSV recipe that I recall being extremely delicious, but don’t have a published review.  Drink Hacker offered some nice thoughts on the 2010 release.

As I reported earlier this year, Four Roses will not be releasing a Limited Edition Single Barrel this year. Thus, the Four Roses Limited Edition Single Barrels are highly collectable and 2010 just may be the most intriguing of them all.