Silver Trail: Still ‘failed massively’


May 22, 2015

Since the Silver Trail Distillery fire, I’ve been trying to reach their still maker, Revenoor Stills. They disappeared from the Web, everywhere. Silver Trail posted this onto their Facebook page, explaining what happened to Revenoor:

“Please Friends share this WARNING. If you own any size Revenoor brand still built by Terry Wilhelm of Yamhill Oregon – DO NOT operate until you have spoken withthe Kentucky State Fire Marshall office in Frankfort Kentucky phone # 502-673-1702. The model 300 gallon Revenoor used by Silver Trail failed massively hurtling 50 feet and bending a 10′ X 10′ sliding steel door before landing in the gravel lot. Second Distiller Jay said it was totally without warning and occurred four gallons in on a normal run. Mr. Wilhelm was not present, nor did anyone from the Revenoor Company choose to attend the Fire Marshall and engineer meeting. The very day of the accident Mr. Wilhelm began placing Revenoor Stills into bankruptcy and pulled the website down according to the insurance investigation. Also we ask your continued prayers for Kyle’s family and that Jay keeps on improving during his long recovery. Thank you all for your love and support. Amanda Powell – Silver Trail Museum Manager”

Revenoor’s Wilhelm tells WhiskyCast the above Silver Trail statement is “not true” and that the company is in the middle of a ownership dispute. He said the still was out of its warranty and that he is willing to assist with investigators. Read the full story here.