Heaven Hill is one of the most-important bourbon companies in the contemporary sense, having created both the popular Elijah Craig and Evan Williams brands and saving a few dozen labels from extinction.

A couple days ago, the company celebrated its 80th anniversary. On Saturday, it enjoyed a special one day bourbon run of 107-barrel entry proof, the same proof it entered in 1935. As noted in my book, today, Bourbon Curious, Heaven Hill enters its whiskey at 125 proof, the legal maximum.

Heaven Hill is the largest family -owned and -operated distilled spirits producer, and No. 2 bourbon holder in the country. 

The 280  barrels were filled, but 25 will receive a special stencil and be put away in Heaven Hill’s Y rick house, where they’ll be viewable for Heaven Hill’s visitors at the Bourbon Heritage Center in Bardstown.  The remainder will be aging in the older rickhouses E, F and G –  constructed in 1947 and 1948.