Mary Jane’s Primo Hemp Whisky

At the Bourbon Classic, I moderated an industry leader panel and posed the question: Will we see a marijuana-flavored bourbon?

The crowd erupted with laughter. But it was a serious question, and I wrote about the issue in March.

Everybody on the stage seemed to think marijuana bourbon is coming. Retired 1792 master distiller Ken Pierce offered: How do you know distillers are not already experimenting?

As marijuana becomes legal, the alcohol industry seems to be warming up to the herb. There are cocktail books on combining the two, and many bartenders keep special infusions that, I’m told, are quite appealing.

Now, there’s a hemp whiskey. Mary Jane’s Primo Hemp Whiskey is offering distilling opportunities, according to its website. (Hemp is not marijuana. Read the differences here.)

“An honest all-natural Canadian white whisky micro-distilled from choice domestic ingredients. Absolutely pure. Handcrafted and multi-distilled in small batches using an alembic copper pot still and our proprietary recipe,” the company states.

I don’t know where this genre is going. But I know things are about to get very interesting.

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  1. Oh I agree. As someone who works on innovation in the whiskey industry, I am talking about this too to everyone.

  2. Thanks for the plug Fred! We’ll enjoy reading your latest book ‘Bourbon – The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of an American Whiskey’ when it arrives October 1st! got hemp?® @DrinkMaryJanes

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