Beam Suntory Backtracks on Booker’s Pricing

After announcing a $99.99 SRP for Booker’s, Beam Suntory has decided to not drastically increase the price from $59. Instead, the company says it will gradually increase the price.

I first learned of this through social media rumors and

Below is the company’s full statement:

“As we’ve previously shared, Booker’s Bourbon will experience supply constraints starting next year. As a result, we must reduce our batch releases to four per year. We apologize to anyone who is unable to locate the product in the future. Because of the rarity and high quality of this liquid, and our need to maintain our supply without sacrificing any production standards, we have decided to increase the price of Booker’s. We’ll be implementing the previously announced price increase over time, and in 2017 you can expect to see Booker’s on shelf for $69.99-$74.99.”


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