For sometime, there have been widespread rumors that Constellation Brands plans to acquire Four Roses.

Yesterday, these rumors resurfaced in a big way when social media forums circulated a deal might be happening soon.

With the $6.5-bilion company’s recent acquisitions, it made sense. But both sides are denying an acquisition is happening.

“It is just a rumor,” a Kirin spokesperson told me via phone from Japan. The Japanese company purchased Four Roses in 2001 and has since brought it back to the national market.

A high-ranking Four Roses official also said the company is unaware of an acquisition.

And a Constellation Brands spokesperson told me via email: “Constellation Brands has not purchased Four Roses in Lawrenceburg, Ky.”

Neither side commented on whether the companies were in talks. For now, Kirin owns the Four Roses Distillery.

But don’t expect the rumors and credible information to go away anytime soon. With the constant distilled spirits acquisitions, a large company would be foolish to not take a shot at buying a brand as strong as Four Roses.


Fred Minnick is the author of Bourbon: The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of An American Whiskey