The Pandemic Has Me Drinking Canned Cocktails


July 26, 2020

A couple weeks ago, I tweeted an admission that I never thought would come from my account. I love canned cocktails.

That tweet led to dozens of canned cocktail companies reaching out, and I was stunned by some of the people who were connected to them. People like renowned whisky palate Amanda Victoria (fellow San Francisco judge) with Siponey Royale, a 4-year old NYS rye whiskey, a touch of local wildflower honey and real lemon juice. At 7.25% ABV, it’s friggin’ fantastic. I love it! She’s marketing it as a “whiskey spritz,” but I think a better comparison would be honey on rye toast. I guess, that doesn’t sound as sexy, though.

Longtime whiskey publicist Laura Peet is repping Square One, which is going the organic route with a lot of–egad–vodka. But I’ve never known Laura to put her name on something to promote that didn’t have quality. She’s got my attention!

And the one that sealed the deal that canned cocktails are the wave of the future is the series from Philip Duff, founder of Old Duff Genever and the longtime education coordinator of Tales of the Cocktail. I’ve always thought Duff was one of the greatest bartenders of a generation, but he never got the credit he truly deserved. I can’t wait to taste his stuff.

Heck, I couldn’t wait to taste Jack Daniel’s canned cocktails, which I did with my wife, Jaclyn, on a member’s only livestream now public.

So, naturally, as these frosty cans quench my thirst and knock back my curmudgeon ways, I begin to question myself. Have I sold out? Has my hate for White Claw forced me to support the products within the category so Crap Claw goes away? (Possible)

But I have always liked bottled cocktails. My friend Charles Joly’s Crafthouse Cocktails are the drinks dreams are made of. His Paloma would straight up whip most bars’ freshly made version.

That realization got me to thinking: When I’m not sipping straight whiskey, I want to explore or have a cold beer if I’m drinking anything. The Pandemic has put me into an exploration mood I never saw coming: I’m on a hunt to find the best canned cocktail. I love the feeling of a cold aluminum can against my hands and the sound of the top cracking open. If the liquid matches that feeling, my back resting against the sofa, we may have something special.

This category is only just beginning and it gives spirits a competitive advantage over beer, offering easy quenchable moments with the pull of a tab in addition to their spirited products.

I am hooked.

And tonight, my wife and I will taste through a few we’ve collected over the past couple weeks in our Member’s Only livestream. At 9 p.m., I will crack open a vodka canned cocktail and put it upon my lips. I may need a therapist afterwards. Fortunately, I’m married to one.

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