New Whiskey: Elijah Craig Toasted, $49.99

Heaven Hill announced a new offering in its Elijah Craig line–Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. It’s $49.99.

Toasted joins Elijah Craig rye, small batch and barrel proof, while also jumping into a growing so-called “toasted” category that seems to be the language used when the secondary finishing barrel is custom made. Of course, “toasting” is the method of lightly applying flames to the barrel. “Charring” is a full on flamethrower in comparison to toasting being a Bic lighter.

Michter’s Toasted was the first to use this language. All prior to this, simply called themselves “finished.”

As for this Elijah Craig Toasted, Heaven Hill worked with Independent Stave to create an 18-month air dried oak that’s first toasted and then flash-charred using a moderate toast temperature and toast time. The company said an extensive research and development process resulted in a final barrel toast profile bringing forward dark sugar flavors within the wood to create a balance of smokiness and sweetness after months of finishing.

The product launches nationally in September.

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