What Will Win My Final Available Bourbon Tasting?

When I started this YouTube series, walking into a liquor store and buying everything in a respective price point, I hoped to show folks very good to great bourbon is still out there and affordable.

The categories include under $15, $16-$25, $26-$40 and $41-$60. I’m ending this journey tonight, with the final round of $41-60. I had to break them up, because, although I can, it’s ever a good idea to sip 24 bourbons in one setting. While I will be doing a $61 and over tasting later on, I will not be lumping those bourbons in with these. Over $60 is the price point that just seems to be too much to be considered affordable, especially now.

Thus, upon tonight’s conclusion, I will be bringing in the top two of each taste off and tasting them to decide my Best Everyday Bourbon of 2020.

Tonight’s Taste Off

What’s being tasted tonight

Rowan’s Creek
Black Saddle
Daviess County
Pure Kentucky
Eagle Rare
New Riff Bottled in Bond
Wild Turkey Rare Breed
Fern Creek
New Riff Single Barrel
Old Forester Statesman

In my past tastings, Old Forester’s won two, Heaven Hill distillate has come out strong and Jim Beam’s Knob Creek easily swept the under $40 category. And Wild Turkey has had a lot of close seconds. Surprisingly, Buffalo Trace and Willett products have not done well in these. What shall win tonight?

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