St. George to Release Single Malt Whiskey Lot 20 in October

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St. George Spirits announced the release of Single Malt Whiskey Lot 20, a 20th anniversary release. Bottles are due to hit shelves across the U.S. in October.

The mash bill for the single malt whiskey has remained the same since the first batch in 2000: two-row barley and Bamberg malt. The blended whiskey includes barrels ranging from four and a half to 21 years aged. Casks used include Kentucky bourbon, Tennessee whiskey, American and French oak apple brandy, Port, and California Sauternes-style cask.

The whiskey was bottled at 43% alcohol by volume. Suggested retail price for St. George Single Malt Lot 20 is $100 per 750ml bottle.

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