High West Releases Two New Bottled Cocktails, Old Fashioned and Manhattan

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High West Distillery announced it will release a pair of bottled cocktails, both of them barrel-finished.

Barrel-Finished Manhattan and Barrel-Finished Old Fashioned are both blended and finished in used rye barrels for flavor enhancement.

Each cocktail is made with a blend of bourbon and rye whiskey with aromatic bitters; the Old Fashioned is 43% ABV and includes demerara simply syrup, while the Manhattan is 37% ABV and includes two types of vermouth.

Both are ready to serve over ice with garnishes.

High West previously had released Barrel-Finished Boulevardier and Manhattan, High West; the two new products are expansions of the distillery’s premium bottled cocktail line.

The bottled cocktails are available for MSRP of $49.99 per 750mL bottle (makes 12 cocktails) and $29.99 per 375ml bottle (six cocktails). They will be available nationally.

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