Buffalo Trace to Continue Virtual Tourism Efforts Like Whiskey Wednesday, Virtual Tours, into 2021


December 8, 2020

Buffalo Trace Distillery, like many distilleries and other tourism-focused businesses, shifted to a more virtual model during 2020’s exhausting pandemic. The distillery announced it will continue this focus into 2021.

One centerpiece to the virtual tourism model is the weekly social media livestream Whiskey Wednesday, which has been viewed by more than 3.6 million people since it began May 13. Master Distillery Harlen Wheatley or Bourbon Hall-of-Famer Freddie Johnson typically are the hosts of the unscripted live program, which offers viewers behind-the-scenes access, live tastings and educational content.

“Whiskey Wednesday has given our fans and visitors a connection to us, and allowed us to connect with them, in a time when personal connections are more challenging,” Wheatley said. “If people can’t travel to the Distillery in person, what better way to tour or enjoy a bourbon tasting with us from wherever you are. We’re grateful to our fans for watching and interacting. We hope they keep doing so.”

In addition to Whiskey Wednesday, would-be visitors can take a virtual tour of the property anytime on the distillery website.  On-site distillery tours are available, but by reservation only.

Buffalo Trace, like many distilleries, continues to produce hand sanitizer on an industrial scale for numerous organizations in the healthcare, government, military, retail, distribution, airline, pharmacy and banking industries and has produced about 2 million gallons of hand sanitizer to date.

The Distillery also continues progress on its $1.2 billion infrastructure improvement and distillery expansion to increase production for future bourbon demand.