This Alabama Bourbon Is Fantastic

The Dettling 1867 Alabama bourbon is proof you should never give up on craft distillers. And sometimes you can taste potential in their new make and younger releases.

That’s what happened I first reviewed Dettling in Forbes in 2018 and noted its potential, but I wasn’t ready to crown Dettling the next big thing in American whiskey. Well, that may be changing. And for a proud state like Alabama, which has a plethora of moonshine heritage, Dettling is poised to give them an authentic whiskey ‘Tide and Tiger fans can be proud of.

Dettling had recently sent a fresh sample for me to try. And with my schedule, it kept getting pushed back. I finally tasted it, and I couldn’t believe how good it was.

I reviewed it on YouTube.

What I tasted was a couple months shy of 4 years old, but I am fascinated with the mouthfeel of it. Dettling is using rye intended for the baking industry, while they grow their own corn with Non-GMO seeds. They only make 100 53-gallon barrels a year and use a No. 3 char Kelvin barrel. They are upgrading facilities to be about 200 barrels a year, but they are only a 2-person operation and will remain super small.

Dettling Still
Dettling grows its own corn, using non-GMO seeds and allows for natural pollination.

Soon, Dettling will release a 6-year product. How much will it improve from a whiskey that’s already pretty damn good?

We shall see. I know this time, I won’t let the bottle sit on my self for months.

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