LiveWire Announces Release of New Bottled Old Fashioned Cocktail

LiveWire Drinks recently debuted its first bottled cocktail, Alley Cat Old Fashioned, in collaboration with hospitality industry leader Chris Patino.

LiveWire bills itself as a “bartender-first” company, operating much like a record label in working directly with bartenders to develop ready-to-drink version of their signature cocktails, according to a news release. Like with album covers, bartenders can choose the artist that designs their packaging and they are compensated with royalties from sales.

Alley Cat is made with two-year straight rye whiskey and apple brandy from Ventura Spirits, with Bittercube cherry bark vanilla bitters. The old fashioned has a dry flavor profile and is ready to drink cold straight from the bottle.

Alley Cat Old Fashioned (39% ABV) is available in 375ml bottles at retailers in NY, NJ, TX, and CA, and online with shipping to 46 states.

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