Safe Night Out Initiative Designed to Improve Drinking-Related Safety


July 1, 2021 and Safe Night LLC unveiled a jointly-produced, free resource guide to provide hospitality venues, law enforcement and local city governments with a proven model to improve safety and boost economic viability.  

Safe Night Out is modeled after a similar successful effort  in Arlington, Va., called the Arlington Restaurant Initiative (ARI), according to a news release. Safe Night Out uses the Proactive Alliance relationship-based policing approach, which was developed by Molly Mastoras, a licensed professional counselor. The approach uses adapted evidence-based concepts from counseling psychology to build trust among all stakeholders to improve standards and practices collaboratively for the hospitality industry. 

An evaluation of the Arlington Restaurant Initiative found during certain hours the program was effective at reducing alcohol-related crimes including assault and battery/disorderly conduct, drunk in public and DUI. As local, state and federal lawmakers and regulators continue easing pandemic-related regulations, Americans once again will be free to frequent their favorite bar or restaurant, and those establishments will be focused on scaling their operations to meet the revitalized demand. Safe Night Out will help those businesses and communities to reopen safely and reduce alcohol-related harm.  

“We created the Safe Night Out program to guide restaurant, bar and special event owners and staff to build mutually beneficial relationships with the community and put in place effective policies and training that reduce alcohol-related harm. The resource guide we made available today provides users with actual challenges and experiences of bar and restaurant owners, managers, and staff, and is the perfect starting point for anyone who needs a roadmap to deliver a safe experience for both customers and staff,” Mastoras said.