Bestselling Bourbons Q2 2021, According to Drizly

For six quarters straight, Bulleit Bourbon is the bestselling bourbon on Drizly, the popular online portal connecting to more than 4,000 liquor stores.

These rankings are based on dollars not volume and are a look into online purchasing. But they do not capture in-store purchases or from other platforms, such as Reserve Bar and CraftShack. Drizly sales are often directly linked to a brand’s digital advertising spend and linking to the website.

At No. 2, Maker’s Mark stays put and Woodford Reserve isn’t far behind at No. 3. Blanton’s, which is seemingly never available, was the eighth-bestselling bourbon. Eagle Rare had the biggest jump from the past quarter, moving into the 13 slot from No. 15. Jefferson’s Ocean makes its first appearance into the Drizly Top 20, while Four Roses Small Batch dropped out of the rankings.

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