Paul Charchian Talks Athletes and Drinking Over Pappy Van Winkle


August 2, 2021

On this episode of The Fred Minnick Show, Paul Charchian joins Fred for whiskey sipping and spirited conversation. Charchian is an fantasy sports pioneer who launched in 1993, currently serves as the Chairman of the Fantasy Sports Trade Association and makes regular appearances on AM-1130 KFAN and Fox Sports Radio as well as ESPNews.

Whiskeys tasted:

  • Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year (10:55)
  • Michter’s 10 Year (23:33)
  • Smoke Wagon (36:49)
  • Penelope Four Grain (52:34)
  • Parker’s Heritage 2013 (56:04)
  • Woodson Bourbon (1:14:15)
  • George T. Stagg (1:17:52)
  • Uncle Nearest Barrel Pick (1:25:06)
  • Old Schenley Circa 1940s (1:43:37)


Fred and Charch talk about a wide variety of things, such as:

  • Right off the bat, they discuss how there is nothing special about Blanton’s. It’s just OK.
  • Fantasy football sleepers? Charch says to draft Ravens RB Gus Edwards.
  • They start the tasting with Pappy Van Winkle 15 Year, a bourbon Steve had never tried before. He loves the spice and complexity.
  • They get into talking about the best drinkers among professional athletes. Andre the Giant gets honors as probably the best.
  • Fred talks about people who stink, especially on airplanes. He’s in favor of mask mandates if for this reason alone.
  • They discuss the battle for the arm rest on planes.
  • The Michter’s 10 Year comes out.
  • Fred discusses his ability to sleep anywhere, anytime.
  • They discuss Wade Boggs’s claim that he once drank 107 beers on a six-hour flight.
  • Fred explains how to re-set or cleanse one’s palate and/or nose. For some, armpits are involved.
  • Paul offers up a story about Maurice Clarett, a cautionary tale that give us yet another reason why vodka sucks.
  • Penelope Four Grain kicks Charch right in the palate.
  • The 2013 Parker’s Heritage soothes the heat of the barrel-strength Penelope.
  • Popping of the Stellum bottle leads to a conversation about Green Bay Packers receiver Max McGee and his famous all-night bender the night before the first Super Bowl.
  • Inevitably, John Daly’s name came up. Talk about a famous athlete that loved his alcohol.
  • Fred talks a bit about the bourbons released by prior show guests Terry Bradshaw and Charles Woodson. This leads to a discussion of rapid aging. Paul is not a fan.
  • Fred notes that hanging out with Cooper Manning might land one in jail. Yeah, he’s that fun and crazy.
  • Other athletes who have spirits brands include Michael Jordan, Connor McGregor, Wayne Gretzky, Carmelo Anthony and Drew Bledsoe.
  • Fred calls Uncle Nearest the “fastest-growing spirit in the world right now.”
  • They talk about women in the distillery business. Fred is always happy to promote females in the industry and has been ever since his book Whiskey Women was released in 2013.
  • Paul makes no bones about his animosity toward the Packers.
  • Charch reminds Fred that he ruined McKenna 10 Year by singing its praises. Now, no one can find it on the shelves.
  • Fred breaks out the 1940s-era Old Schenley and Paul loses his mind.
  • They do a re-taste of the Pappy and others after a palate cleanse. As a backdrop, Fred tells the Pappy back story. Then Paul gets an education on the Pappy Heist and more as he decides his favorite over a re-pour of Michter’s.
  • Paul pays homage to Harry Caray, the former Cubs broadcaster and Bud Light drinker. Harry was a broadcaster for several teams for an incredible 52 years.
  • By the way, your Twitter hashtag for the show, if you want to cheat, is #coconutwater.