Former NFL Quarterback Jay Cutler Joins Fred for Parker’s Heritage, Smoke Wagon and More


August 16, 2021


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On this episode of The Fred Minnick Show, former National Football League quarterback Jay Cutler, who enjoyed stints with the Denver Broncos, Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins, drops by. Cutler, who was an NFL Pro Bowler in 2008, talks candidly with Fred about a lot of topics, including dishing on former teammates. He also talks candidly about Aaron Rodgers, his relationship with the Green Bay Packers, and more. Of course, they drink and talk about whiskey at length.

Whiskeys tasted:

  • Smoke Wagon Barrel Pick (11:38)
  • Parker’s Heritage Promise of Hope (25:55)
  • Four Roses Barrel Pick (39:05)
  • Calumet 15 Year (47:15)
  • The Kentucky Senator (50:22)
  • Liquor Barn Private Barrel Pick (52:10)
  • 291 Colorado Whiskey (55:49)
  • Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond Barrel Strength (59:11)


Fred and Jay talk about a wide variety of things, such as:

  • Jay quickly notes he likes vodka, but luckily Fred gave him a pass. But not until he tells Jay the story behind why vodka SUCKS.
  • They start the session with a Smoke Wagon barrel pick.
  • Fred helps Jay learn how to properly taste bourbon, which leads to this exchange – Fred: “Have you ever broken your nose?” Jay: “Probably.”
  • What ex-teammate would be most likely to steal Cutler’s favorite bottle of whiskey? Zach Miller, a tight end. “I think he would take one, but I would give it to him.”
  • Per usual, Fred pulls a bottle of Parker’s Heritage out of his traveling bar.
  • Fred tells Jay the back story of how he became an expert taster, noting that tasting is a combination of genetics and training.
  • Cutler is back on Twitter now (@jayhastweets), and he is launching his own podcast.
  • He talks about Bears fans being excited about the team’s rookie quarterback, Justin Fields. He then talked about his own rookie season, when he played behind Jake “The Snake” Plummer.
  • A Four Roses barrel pick enters the flight and Fred talks about the distillery’s proprietary yeast program.
  • Jay trolls recent podcast guest Peyton Manning about his bourbon brand, Sweetens Cove, then talks him up as being a good human being and for having “changed the NFL for the better.”
  • Cutler was part of a group of players that pushed for improved player safety in the NFL. “You can play quarterback forever now,” he deadpans. He does say he feels the game has changed a lot in a short amount of time, for better or worse. Ultimately, he believes the NFL Is doing the best it knows how to keep players safe.
  • He then weighs in on the Green Bay Packers and their personnel policies. He credits Aaron Rodgers for being the first to call a press conference and “torch the team” for 30 minutes. “He got away with it,” and now he’s back with the team. “Green Bay had one choice … make it right or the fans will burn the stadium down.”
  • Calumet 15 Year Old comes out, and Fred, upon his first time trying it, declares it “all right.” They then do a side-by-side tasting along with The Senator. “Completely different.”
  • Cutler asks Fred’s opinion on the price of Pappy Van Winkle products.
  • Jay asks why it’s so hard to get certain bourbons now. “Because everybody wants it.” They only made so much of it when it was made.
  • The last pour is 291 Colorado Whiskey. Except that Fred then pulls out an Old Fitzgerald.
  • Jay addresses the “Smokin’ Jay Cutler” memes that came out around 2010. He tried to shut it down initially, but eventually let it go. Fred notes that he is going to release his own cigar line.