Our Lady Peace’s Raine Maida | Michter’s 10 year | Songs Raine Won’t Play | Sipping Tea in Iraq


August 30, 2021

Our Lady Peace’s frontman Raine Maida is a veteran hitmaker. From Clumsy to Superman’s Dead, the iconic Canadian rock band has held strong since 1992. On The Fred Minnick Show, Raine sips with Fred: Michter’s 10 year, Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B521, Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Edition and Kentucky Senator. The two talk about the classic Our Lady Peace songs, even the ones Raine doesn’t like to play, and the rare bond they share from Iraq–sipping tea with the locals. Whiskeys tasted:

  • Michter’s 10 Year
  • Kentucky Senator 15 Year
  • Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B521
  • Wyoming Whiskey National Parks Edition
  • 291 Colorado Whiskey


Fred and Raine talk about a number of topics:

  • Stupid famous people.
  • NFTs and the rising price of whiskey. Can NFTs be useful with bourbon?
  • Bourbon blending and sourcing whiskey.
  • Michter’s 10 Year is the first bourbon out of the gate, and Raine is a fan. Kentucky Senator follows.
  • Fred brags that his 7-year-old son Oscar knows more about the whiskey industry than 99% of adults.
  • They discuss the term “smooth” when used to describe bourbon.
  • Raine compares music to a fine whiskey – they don’t all age the same. Our Lady Peace has been doing it since 1992.
  • Fred compares/contrasts making aged distilled products versus making craft beer. Raine compares craft beer to pop music, in that so many producers of it are following immediate trends and fads. (Think seltzer.)
  • The Elijah Craig Barrel Proof B521 comes out, and Fred is revisiting it for the first time since reviewing it a couple months back. Fred talks about his influence on the bourbon industry and how passionately people sometimes disagree with him.
  • Raine talks about songs the band has released that he now refuses to play. He does point out that he feels the band’s new album, Spiritual Machines 2, has no missteps.
  • They pour the Wyoming Whiskey and Fred talks about terroir in whiskey.
  • Raine talks about one of his main charitable causes, War Child. https://www.warchild.org/
  • This leads to Fred and Raine talking about their similar experiences in Iraq, including drinking heavily-sweetened tea with the locals.
  • The flight concludes with 291 Colorado Whiskey.


“We’re all humans under the surface. There’s bad people everywhere, but there’s a lot of good people too.” -Raine Maida