Oxford Road’s Dan Granger | Rattlesnakes In Whiskey | Theodore Roosevelt Love Affair | 1978 Eagle Rare


September 6, 2021

Oxford Road Ad agency owner Dan Granger joins the show to sip some ultra rare bourbon, including a 1978 Eagle Rare. Fred talks to the young businessman about the state of podcasting and the analytics business, while Dan drops his love and knowledge for former President Teddy Roosevelt, who, of course, played a major role in American whiskey. Some history tidbits dropped: What happened to studying the aging of barrels? Why did distillers add rattlesnakes to whiskey in 1800s? And who used to distiller Eagle Rare before Buffalo Trace?

  • Dan is a big Blanton’s fan. Fred says, “Oh, boy.” Then they talk about how the price has gone so high that it’s no longer worth the money.
  • Fred talks about whiskey regulation and the Bottled in Bond Act over some Old Fitzgerald Bottled in Bond 2020.
  • Granger talks about how he got into promoting podcasts. Fred follows with his own back story of how he got into the podcasting business. They then discuss why podcasts are so much more diverse than old-school terrestrial radio. Granger calls it “a revolution for the spoken word.”
  • They then discuss the Old Fitz they’re sipping and Fred gives Dan some info on how bourbon is made. This leads to Fred briefly touching on why vodka sucks.
  • They then dive into the history of medicinal whiskey and bootlegging during Prohibition.
  • Fred breaks out some 1978 Eagle Rare. They talk about flavor profiles and tasting.
  • Fred talks about rectifiers and how out west they would put rattlesnakes into barrels to help filter out certain impurities. It’s not unlike the worm in a bottle of tequila. (Don’t ever eat the worm, Fred says.)
  • Wyoming Whiskey comes out. It’s a candidate for Fred’s Whiskey of the Year. Dan likes it too, but admits he has no idea how to convey why, so Fred gives him a quick tutorial on tasting. “You should do whiskey therapy,” Dan says.
  • The Old Fitzgerald wins the flight for Granger.
  • Is real journalism dead? This becomes a spirited discussion.