Fred Minnick’s Six Must-Have, Affordable Bourbons


September 9, 2021

When you go bourbon shopping, what are you searching for? A specific brand? Something rare? Fred Minick has your six bourbons that you gotta have — plus a couple bonus buys.

Oh, and they’re all bottled-in-bond expressions because, well, it’s hard to go wrong with a bottled-in-bond whiskey. (Full video is below.)

  1. Jim Beam Bonded: It’s $20-$30 bucks, has a beautiful cornbread note with a pinch of salt and pepper, plus a touch of honey. UPDATE: Jim Beam discontinued this recently, but there’s much in circulation.
  2. George Dickel Bottled in Bond: Yeah, it says “Tennessee Whiskey” on the bottle, but it’s a bourbon, and it’s a good one. Get it in your bar today, if only for the caramel note.
  3. 1792 Bottled in Bond: $30-$40, it comes from Barton Distillery. Why this one? The whiskey inside bats out of its price range. Bananas foster, caramel, vanilla. Tasty.
  4. Evan Williams Bottled in Bond (White Label): At around $16, it’s the best bargain in bourbon, at least for Fred’s money. Sip it, mix it, there’s nutmeg, caramel, pumpkin, etc. This one does really well in blind tastings. Heaven Hill does BiB right.
  5. Chattanooga Whiskey Bottled in Bond: New on Fred’s radar, it’s a craft distillery entering the fray and it’s “absolutely exceptional” with buttery and malty qualities.
  6. Old Bardstown Bottled in Bond: Willett’s low-priced offering, it’s another one that offers great value. Probably Fred’s best pairing with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (!!) with notes of almonds, chocolate and peanut butter. And you can get it for under $30.
  7. BONUS BUYS: Wild Turkey, Old Forester 100.