Lost Lantern Releases Fall Collection of Five Single Cask Whiskeys


October 7, 2021

Lost Lantern, the independent bottler of American whiskey that launched in late 2020, announced its Fall 2021 collection featuring five limited edition single casks. These highly limited whiskeys consist of expressions produced by distilleries around the United States.

Since its debut last October, Lost Lantern has released ten single casks from around the country, from Santa Fe Spirits to New York Distilling. With the fall release, four new distilleries join the roster.

They will be available for pre-sale starting Oct. 15 via LostLanternWhiskey.com and will also be available at a later point via Seelbachs.com. All offerings are bottled at cask strength, are non-chill-filtered and have natural color. Every front label now includes the release year, cask number and alcohol by volume written by hand.

They are:

  • Fall 2021 Cask #1, Cedar Ridge Iowa Single Malt Whiskey Finished in a Sherry Cask (555 btls): SRP, $110
  • Fall 2021 Cask #2, Watershed Ohio Straight Bourbon Whiskey (160 btls): SRP, $100
  • Fall 2021 Cask #3, Boulder Spirits Colorado Straight Bourbon Whiskey (181 btls): SRP, $105
  • Fall 2021 Cask #4, Spirit Works California Straight Rye Whiskey (195 btls): SRP, $80
  • Fall 2021 Cask #5, St. George Spirits California Single Malt Whiskey (250 btls): SRP, $150

 Lost Lantern also will offer four specialty bundles for presale. In addition to the single cask releases, Lost Lantern’s flagship blend, American Vatted Malt Edition No. 1 (SRP $120) remains available.