Repeal Day Expo Returns via Degy World Dec. 4 and 5


October 18, 2021

Repeal Day Poster

Celebrity bourbon entrepreneur Fred Minnick will host his 2021 Repeal Day Expo, celebrating the 88th anniversary of the end of the prohibition with a virtual conference that includes discussions with prominent spirits industry experts. The event will take place on Saturday, Dec. 4, and Sunday, Dec. 5, via immersive virtual event platform Degy World with live panels streaming on Minnick’s YouTube Channel.

The Repeal Day Expo returns to celebrate the ratification of the 21st amendment. Join Fred Minnick in the virtual Degy World on December 4th & 5th. This two-day virtual expo and conference will feature the world’s top spirits and industry professionals.

“We continue to face Prohibition-era laws in this country,” says Minnick, author of Bourbon: The Rise, Fall & Rebirth of An American Whiskey. “And while we are here to have a good time in the virtual world with good drams, we also want to put a spotlight on the 13 dry years and how Prohibition-centric laws continue in the United States. This expo serves as a reminder that Prohibition can always happen again, but more importantly, it’s a virtual gathering of great minds and good times.”

Attendees will be able to create their own avatar and experience the conference through a virtual reality with access to bourbon tastings, musical performances, interactive conversations with brand owners and industry experts, educational panels and more.

Panels Include:

  • Dooms Day: How Another Prohibition Can Happen
  • State of Bourbon
  • Dry Counties and Other Dumb Alcohol Laws
  • Celebrity Takeover: Are They The Future of Booze?
  • New Innovations in Spirits 
  • Post Prohibition: How the Three Tier System Happened

The 2021 Repeal Day Expo has capacity for 1,000 guests and tickets, available for adults over 21 years old, start at $25. Tickets are on sale now.

 Watch the Repeal Day Expo 2020 Recap, here: