Whiskey Myers Starts a Bourbon | Michter's Toasted Tasting | Who Died In Yellowstone?

Award winning country band Whiskey Myers joins The Fred Minnick Show and gets an education on bourbon. But they flip the script and have some big news to share: They’re starting a bourbon.

01:00 Why the whole band isn’t on the zoom
02:15 Treaty Oak interview about Whiskey Myers Collaboration
09:05 Bottle photo of Red Handed Whiskey from Whiskey Myers
09:42 Rundown of what’s being tasted
11:00 Michter’s Toasted Tasting
12:53 Lead singer Cody Cannon debates sipping bourbon with a dip in
18:58 Fred reveals his rivalry against Oklahoma Sooners and Texas Longhorns
21:42 Fred discusses his love for Whiskey Myers music
22:00 Would Whiskey Myers Play Free Bird?
24:00 291 Colorado Whiskey Tasting
28:00 Cody Cannon asks Fred: What Are Staves?
32:34 Whiskey Myers Talks About Their Success
29:12 Barrell Batch 21 Tasting
42:00 Using personal experience in Song Writing
43:43 Four Gate Batch 14 Tasting
48:00 How Whiskey Myers coped in Pandemic
52:38 That Time Somebody Gifted Whiskey Myers Fred’s American Whiskey of the Year
57:58:21 How Fred trained his palate

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Some products tasted on this show may have been provided to Fred Minnick at no cost to him. But that does not impact the honesty of the review. Fred’s lowest scores came from whiskey samples.

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