KDA Announces Kentucky Mountain Moonshine Distillery as Newest Craft Member


November 4, 2021

The Kentucky Distillers’ Association announced that Kentucky Mountain Moonshine Distillery in Estill County is the newest and 51st member of the nonprofit trade group.

Founded in 2016, Mountain Moonshine is led by distiller Howard Arvin, who launched the brand as a way to distill and bottle his own brand of moonshine. A dentist of 30 years, Arvin decided to take his interest in chemistry to craft his sweet but complex beverages.

Kentucky Mountain Moonshine is the KDA’s 31st Craft-level member, aging less than 10,000 barrels a year. The distillery also is now eligible to join the KDA’s Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour. 

Located at 465 Cow Creek Road in Ravenna, the distillery is nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains near the Red River Gorge region. With its proximity to the Gorge, the facility hosts many visitors from the state’s famed attraction.

The facility features two distilling systems and a tasting room complete with signature cocktails for guests. Kentucky Mountain Moonshine is made with 100 percent locally grown corn and ingredients from the surrounding community. 

“We are so glad to join the KDA, which, along with the members, have been so supportive over the years,” Arvin said. “We appreciate the camaraderie and look forward to growing our business alongside these distinguished Kentucky distillers.”

Current products include 80 proof Kentucky Mountain Clear Moonshine, Kentucky Mountain Smokey Apple Pie Moonshine and Kentucky Mountain Smokey Cranberry Moonshine. 

“Kentucky Mountain Moonshine embodies the entrepreneurial spirit we see so often in craft distilleries,” KDA President Eric Gregory said. “We appreciate the hard work Howard and his team have invested in our iconic industry and proudly welcome them to our growing family of Kentucky’s finest distillers.”