Kelleigh Bannen Digs 291 Colorado Whiskey | Mental Health and Healing | Christmas Music in July


November 8, 2021

This week’s guest on The Fred Minnick Show is country singer Kelleigh Bannen. Kelleigh not only is a successful singer, with hits like “Sorry on the Rocks” and “Famous,” she also is host of Apple Music’s Beats “Today’s Country” radio show and host of the “This Nashville Life” podcast. On this episode, they talk about the things that got them to where they are today, ascots and marathons while sipping some tasty bourbons like Knob Creek 9 Year Old, 291 Colorado Whiskey and Michter’s 10 Year Old.
Fred’s Intro 0:00
Sponsors 6:29
Fred’s Favorite Kelleigh Bannen Song 12:50
Ascot Origin Story 14:53
How Kelleigh Got Into Music 18:18
DJ-ing and Podcasting 20:10
Bourbon Intros 22:46
Kelleigh’s Bourbon Collection 24:24
E.H. Taylor The Tornado 24:51
Healing and Being in the Moment 27:11
Vodka Sucks 30:50
Savor and Taste 32:21
Uber vs. Drunk Driving 33:29
Knob Creek 9 Year Tasting 35:25
Economics of Whiskey 39:58
Maker’s Mark on the Road 42:41
Michter’s 10 Year Tasting 44:23
Bananas and Marathons 47:59
Pairing Bourbon with Music 49:40
Bad Decisions 51:44
291 Colorado Whiskey Tasting 52:46
Jefferson’s Ocean Side Story 53:16
Back to 291 Colorado Whiskey 56:31
Pairing Music With 291 1:01:29
Christmas Music 1:02:19
Final Thanks and Session Favorite 1:05:17
Outro 1:06:36
Source: The Fred Minnick Show