Trinity River Distillery Strikes Distribution Deal with Ben E. Keith


May 24, 2022

Trinity River Distillery

Texas-based Trinity River Distillery announced a new distribution deal with Ben E. Keith Beverages. 

Each brand is made with rainwater collected on-site in 13,000-gallon storage tanks on-site at their iconic near-downtown Fort Worth facility that Ranch Style Beans used to call home.

“We are very excited and honored with the opportunity to partner with Trinity River Distillery. Tom Ingham and team have done a fabulous job building their business of crafting high-quality and authentic brands. Their approach to business, marketing, and innovation provides us with a great foundation for a successful partnership,” Kevin Bartholomew, President 0f Ben E. Keith, said in a news release.

Trinity River CEO and President Thomas Ingham added, “We are incredibly excited to partner with Ben E Keith.  Their rich history for bold innovation and quality partnerships, with customer service at the forefront of everything that they do, has helped them create an incredible portfolio of brands.”

The current portfolio of Silver Star® brands includes:

  • Silver Star Vodka, which is 100% Gluten Free, made from hand-selected Midwest corn and the naturally soft purified Texas rainwater.
  • Silver Star Whiskey, produced in a traditional bourbon mash style comprised of no less than 70% corn, with the addition of barley and rye. It is made with double reverse osmosis purified Texas rainwater,  placed into single-use barrels of charred American white oak and laid to rest.
  • Silver Star Texas Honey, made using Texas rainwater harvested on site and processed using a double reverse osmosis purification system and all-natural Texas Wildflower Honey.
  • Silver Star Texas Bourbon, made from the distillery’s preferred mash of corn, rye and barley and aged in 30-gallon white oak barrels for just over 3 years.