CaskX to Sell 72-Year Scotch from Gordon & MacPhail


October 17, 2022

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CaskX, a leader in the sale of barreled bourbon investments, announced it is selling a limited allocation of 72-year-old single malt Scotch-Whisky from Scotland-based Gordon & MacPhail as a perk to its investor customer base.

Recorded as one of the top 5 oldest whiskies globally, each 700ml bottle of the single malt Scotch-Whisky Glen Grant range was distilled in 1948 at the Milton Distillery and matured in an American oak ex-Sherry cask is valued at more than $68,000 (USD), which includes five years’ storage and insurance. The company anticipates that it will quickly sell out of its limited allocation. Any remaining bottles will be offered and sold to potential investors of its bourbon casks, which the firm acquires from southern distilleries including Jackson Purchase and Kentucky Artisan Distillery.

Rare single malt whisky bottles are among the most prized and highly desirable investment opportunities in the world today. At a Bonham’s auction in Hong Kong earlier in 2022 a bottle of Glen Grant 72 fetched more than $100,000 (USD). CaskX has managed to secure a limited allocation of bottles from Gordon & MacPhail to offer to select collectors and investors. These bottles are typically only sold at auction and rarely seen for sale otherwise.

Bottled at 56.2% ABV, the whisky is packaged in a Dartington Crystal decanter that features a design to represent the age of the cask and is inspired by a tree’s annual growth rings.

“With only 290 bottles produced of the Gordon & MacPhails’ 72 Glen Grant single malt Scotch-Whisky we are absolutely sure this will be one of the best perks afforded to our loyal customer base that are also connoisseurs of spirits from all parts of the world,” said Jeremy Kasler, CEO and founder of CaskX. “Our expectation is that our limited allocation of the 72-year-old bottles will be quickly sold out once offered to our customers and potential investors, with plans for an event later in the year to celebrate.”

CaskX operates by working with clients to build a portfolio of barrels, also known as casks, based on the investor’s desired objectives. By selecting barrels from specific regions, distilleries, and vintages an investor can achieve the right combination that manages risk, offers the desired holding period, and is projected to achieve target returns.

Upon purchasing a suitable portfolio, investors receive certificates for each of the barrels which prove their ownership rights and can be used to transfer the barrels in the event of a future sale. All barrel investments are then stored at a government-regulated warehousing facility at either the distillery or a third-party storage provider until the barrels are either bottled or sold to another party.

Investments are also fully insured to protect investors from an unforeseen disaster or loss. By investing in whiskey barrels investors can help the industry grow by providing cash flow to distilleries in advance of the whiskey being of adequate age for release as bottles.

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