Frazier History Museum Announces ‘Bourbon Limited’ Club


October 24, 2022

Bourbon Limited box and glass

The Frazier History Museum in Louisville, Ky., announced the forthcoming launch of Bourbon Limited, an online Bourbon subscription membership service that offers exclusive bottlings and expressions from some of the top brands in American whiskey.

“With a Bourbon exhibition, a Bourbon Welcome Center, and daily Bourbon tastings, our role is to bring the biggest Bourbon fans to the greatest Kentucky Bourbon brands, embracing Bourbon as a significant part of Kentucky’s heritage and its role as a driving force in the state’s economy,” Frazier president and CEO Andy Treinen said in a news release.

Once every two months, members can purchase a limited-edition bottle that is not available anywhere else. Each shipment is distinct from the previous one, and all of them will be produced in very small quantities, making them sought after for both their rarity and their taste.

Due to the limited production of these rare Bourbons, memberships will be limited.

“Our members-only website serves as a showcase for all the things that make Bourbon so unique and uniquely Kentuckian,” Treinen said. “It provides participants a wealth of inside information—and the stories Bourbon enthusiasts love to share with their friends. And, every now and then, members can expect a little something extra in appreciation for their support.”

The first Bourbon Limited delivery, scheduled for the first week of November, is a Peerless Small Batch Reserve, drawn exclusively from the first three years of Peerless production.

No-cost memberships are available at the website

“Our reserve barrels from 2015, ’16, and ’17 combine to showcase an array of flavors and a level of maturity that perfectly celebrate Peerless’s unmatched dedication to quality,” Peerless master distiller Caleb Kilburn said. “There are only about 20 barrels’ worth of this expression available. When it’s gone, it’s gone.”

Future shipments will include selects from Blue Run, Four Gate, Wilderness Trail, Bower Hill, and J. Mattingly, with additional distillers joining the club.

“We want to give Bourbon lovers something they’ll enjoy,” Treinen added. “And we’re grateful to our growing list of distiller partners for shipping directly to Kentucky residents through the club.”