Blue Run Spirits Private Barrel ‘Draft Day’ is March 23


March 20, 2023

Blue Run Private Barrel Draft Day promo

In January 2023, Blue Run Spirits announced the launch of a private barrel program like no other private barrel program – the program’s “Draft Day” is set for March 23.

A key component of this program was creating an equal opportunity for all interested parties to have the chance to select and purchase a Blue Run single barrel. Through March 23, 2023, Blue Run Spirits collected entries for a chance to win an allocation slot for the inaugural year of our Private Barrel Program via The Portal, which was hosted on the Blue Run Spirits Website.

Nearly 750 entries were submitted. Each submission was reviewed and only exact duplicates were reduced down to a single entry. (Example: If John Doe of ABC Bourbon Group completed the submission form 3 times, only one entry was counted. If Jane Smith for ABC Bourbon Group & John Doe for ABC Bourbon Group both submitted, they were kept as unique entries.)

Next up, comes Draft Day. Each unique entry has been engraved into a wooden draft token that will be entered into the draft barrel during the pre-draft broadcast. During the actual Draft, 16 tokens will be CHOSEN at random from the draft barrel and announced to the world. 

When is Draft Day:

  • Thursday, March 23rd 2023.
  • Pre-Draft Broadcast Starts at 6:30pm ET
  • Draft Broadcast Begins at 7pm ET.
  • The Draft Broadcast will last approximately 45-60 minutes. 

Where to Watch: 

  • The Pre-Draft Broadcast will be streamed via Instagram Live (@BlueRunSpirits) 
  • The Draft Broadcast will be streamed via the Blue Spirits website (, Facebook (Blue Run Spirits), and YouTube (Blue Run Spirits).
  • Blue Run has invited a small live-audience to view the draft in person at Bardstown Bourbon Company. (RSVPs are now closed) 

What happens during the Pre-Draft broadcast? 

  • Live Interviews with In-Person Audience and Blue Run folks
  • BTS of Draft Day and Announcements of Upcoming Releases
  • CHOSEN Tokens will be entered into the Draft Barrel, to be selected at the 7 pm ET Draft Broadcast

What happens after the Draft? 

  • Each of the Chosen participants, will be contacted via email and phone to inform them they have been chosen.
  • Chosen Participants will have 8 business days to confirm they would like to still select/purchase a private barrel.
  • In the event a selection slot from Draft day is forfeited, the allocation will go to Blue Spirits’ distribution partners. 

What if I’m interested in a Blue Run Private Barrel? 

  • The Draft will complete the 2023 barrel allocation. Blue Spirits is already working on allocation for 2024 and 2025. To be added to the communication list for specifically for the CHOSEN, visit and fill in the webform.