Singer-Songwriter Ryan Bingham Launches Bourbon Brands


March 20, 2023

Ryan Bingham, Grammy and Oscar-winning singer-songwriter and bourbon enthusiast, is pleased to announce the debut of his signature bourbon that will be available for distribution in Texas through Mexcor International.

Released first in Texas, Bingham’s Bourbon brings the multi-talented artist back to his Texas roots, using grains exclusively grown in the state. The bourbon is a unique blend of small-batch bourbons from across the state, meticulously selected and blended by Bingham himself to create a smooth, rich flavor. Additionally, he will be releasing Bingham’s Bourbon Original at 80 proof and Bingham’s Bourbon Black at 94 proof for an extra kick.

“I’ve spent years travelin’ the world playing honky tonks and bars looking for a whiskey with enough kick and flavor to sip on the rocks, but smooth enough for a celebratory shot at the bar,” Bingham said in a news release. “After searching high and low I decided to head home to Texas and make my own. I’m proud to now bring you Bingham’s Bourbon.”

Mexcor International, one of the leading distributors of premium spirits and wine in Texas, will distribute Bingham’s bourbon to retailers and restaurants throughout the state.

Eduardo Morales, President and CEO of Mexcor International, expressed excitement about being the first distributor in Texas, saying, “We’re proud to add Ryan Bingham’s bourbon to our portfolio of exceptional spirits. We’re confident that Texans will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of his bourbon.”

Bingham is scheduled to play Bourbon and Beyond in Louisville, Ky., on Sunday, Sept. 17.

Since 1989, Mexcor International has continued to grow its portfolio to more than 4,900 brands from over 80 countries, with 480 new brands in the last year alone. With more than 100 suppliers and growing, Mexcor International has a substantial national sales network, currently extending to 50 states, and directly distributes thousands of items through warehouses in Texas, Florida, California and Louisiana.

Additionally, Mexcor hires their own employees and inventory is serviced by a fleet of company-owned and operated, refrigerated delivery vehicles which facilitates the company’s scalability and ensures every touch point of the business stays true to the core values.

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