New Midleton Whiskey Introduces Sustainable Packaging

Irish Whiskey

September 21, 2023

Midleton VR_Barry Crockett_ Sustainable Box_Bottle_Hi_Res

Midleton Very Rare Barry Crockett Legacy takes its name from the man who is inextricably linked to Midleton Distillery and the brand’s celebrated founder. From 20th September, Midleton Very Rare Barry Crockett Legacy will be presented in new luxury sustainable packaging, replacing the wooden cabinet used since 2011, honoring the heritage of the past.

The move supports Irish Distillers’ ambition to reduce the environmental impact of secondary packaging. (Recyclable in Ireland and markets where recycling facilities are available, the development of the new paper packaging has reduced fossil fuel emissions by 50%, greenhouse gas emissions by 48% and water usage by 42% across the production life cycle in comparison to the previous wooden packaging. These figures are based on indicative numbers calculated during the design based on the production cycle and have been rounded to whole numbers.)

Crafted predominantly from paper, the sustainable new secondary packaging is lighter, and expertly designed to retain an ultra-premium look and feel in keeping with the celebrated Midleton Very Rare whiskey brand, which is considered the pinnacle of luxury Irish whiskey.

The colour palette is inspired by the Midleton brand icon, the orchid, while the principal use of duck egg blue is an homage to the paint traditionally used to signify the first filling of a cask at Midleton Distillery. The packaging is delicately embossed with three subtle yet expressive symbols; A ‘B’ to honour Barry Crockett, a key to represent legacy, and the brand signifying orchid, which has become synonymous with Midleton Very Rare in recent years.

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