Pasote Tequila Releases Still Strength Blanco


September 21, 2023

Pasote Tequila Still Strength Blanco bottle and glass

Pasote Tequila announced the debut of Still Strength Blanco, a seasonal new tequila that marks a rare portfolio expansion for the Jalisco Highlands label. The new Pasote Still Strength Blanco is crafted from Jalisco Highlands estate-grown ripe blue agave and is carefully double-distilled.

The Still Strength Blanco tequila is distilled in stainless-steel pot stills using volcanic rock-filtered water from a deep in-house well and features a label that was inspired by Día de los Muertos. The new bottling has a uniquely high 110-proof ABV and retails for $69/750ml.

“The Still Strength Blanco has an entirely unique production process as well as a fresh, colorful label design for the Mexican fall holidays,” said August Sebastiani, president 3 Badge Beverage Corp. the wine and spirits négociant behind Pasote, in a news release. “The label is inspired by calaveras (sugar skulls) used during Día de los Muertos and illustrated in the style of an Aztec god.”

The estate-grown agave that goes into this Still Strength Blanco is evenly baked for two days and then crushed prior to being fermented in open-air stainless-steel tanks with a proprietary blend of cultivated local yeasts. The first distillation utilizes a closer cut of the heart, with less liquid available for the second distillation. As a result, the higher proof of the first distillate removes greater concentrations of impurities from the head and tails of the agave. With no glycerin, chemicals, or flavors added, the result is pure, handcrafted tequila.

The label for the Still Strength Blanco is as artful and textured as what is in the bottle. To honor the refined production process of this additive-free tequila, a sleek yet masculine extra flint bottle was designed with strong, broad shoulders. With a woven and soft texture, this colorful label design was inspired by calaveras (sugar skulls) typically used on an ofrenda or gravestone during Día de los Muertos to represent a departed soul. Illustrated in the style of an Aztec god, the skull features vibrant colors typically seen in and around Mexico through its architecture, festive celebrations, and arts. Eagle-eyed observers will note that the eyes of the skull are actually marigolds – the sacred symbol of Día de los Muertos.

The Pasote tequila portfolio includes Blanco, Reposado, Añejo, and Extra Añejo. Pasote Tequila is available nationally for purchase via the 3 Badge wholesale tier, and consumers can visit to discover Pasote vendors in their area.