Russell’s Reserve Releases Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson F


September 22, 2023

Russells Reserve Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson F bottle with glass

Russell’s Reserve announced the release of Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson F, the second release from its Single Rickhouse Collection.

The Single Rickhouse Collection, which debuted in 2022 with Camp Nelson C, highlights the concept of whiskey “terroir,” by exploring how specific barrel resting places impact a whiskey’s final character. Each iteration features rare stocks drawn entirely from an individual rickhouse. Available now in select markets, the second release featuring whiskey from the beloved Camp Nelson F is a celebration of the aging environment and its influence on the final taste profile.

After the enthusiasm for the inaugural Single Rickhouse release, Eddie Russell, Master Distiller at the Wild Turkey Distillery, knew the second chapter had to leave fans just as excited. Sourcing from across the distillery campus to taste through the aged stocks, Eddie knew immediately once he tasted from Camp Nelson F that he’d found the whiskey for this release, proudly proclaiming, “This is one of the best whiskeys we’ve ever made.”

Built in the 1940s, the Camp Nelson Rickhouse F sits lower than its peers on the Camp Nelson grounds overlooking the Kentucky River. The airflow and wind currents coming off the river benefit the barrels aging inside, which are known to “breathe” more than most. For this reason, the rickhouse has long been a favorite in the distillery’s private barrel selection program.

For Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson F, Eddie selected barrels from the rickhouse’s center cut – floors four and five – of the seven-story building, yielding a well-balanced yet complex bourbon with a robust, oaky flavor profile. The resulting bottling is a testament to Eddie’s four decades of mastery of craft bourbon and an appreciation for the distinctive nuances that each Single Rickhouse brings to the whiskey aging inside.

“We knew we had big shoes to fill with our second Single Rickhouse release after our first bottling from Camp Nelson C,” said Eddie Russell. “I didn’t expect we’d release two Camp Nelson whiskeys back-to-back, but after just one sip from those Camp Nelson F barrels, I knew we had to bring this whiskey to our fans – it’s too special not to share.”

With a flavor profile that evokes the family’s storied history, Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson F is offered at a barrel proof of 117.6 and, like all Single Rickhouse releases, aged for over 10 years.

Russell’s Reserve’s Single Rickhouse Camp Nelson F is now available for a limited time at $300 SRP per 750 ML bottle at select retailers in U.S. markets as well as at the Wild Turkey Distillery. To sign up for brand and product availability alerts for future releases, please visit