Barrell New Year Features Bourbons from Eight States


November 16, 2023

Barrell New Year 2024 Solo Shot SQUARE.png

Barrell Craft Spirits announced the annual release of Barrell New Year, a blend of bourbons distilled in eight different states.

The 2024 edition of New Year Bourbon contains the largest selection of states and bourbons in a single release this year, in fact. This release of Barrell New Year includes bourbon from Kentucky (8 years old); Indiana (5, 6, & 9 years old); Tennessee (8 & 15 years old); Wyoming (11 years old); New York (5 years old); Texas (5 years old); Ohio (5 years old), and Maryland (5 & 6 years old).

The derived mashbill consists of 72% Corn, 22% Rye, 5% Malted Barley and 1% Wheat. SRP is $89.99

In 2017, Barrell released its inaugural New Year Bourbon, driven by the idea of blending a bourbon to celebrate the New Year while setting out to develop something to capture the spirit of the season. Up to that point, every Barrell release had been a marriage of casks produced in the same distillation season. The inaugural release was the first time the brand blended barrels of different ages with different mashbills from different states. New Year Bourbon has gradually become an annual release.

Barrell Craft Spirits Blender Honored

Barrell Craft Spirits Blender Nic Christiansen was just named VinePair’s Master Blender of the Year. 

Nic joined BCS in 2019 after serving as the Beverage Director at Louisville’s Butchertown Grocery. She manages Barrell’s blending operations, as well as the single barrel and private release programs. Christiansen plays a pivotal role in developing and evaluating preliminary blends for all Barrell products, as well as overseeing the logistics of scaling up batches from the lab to the production floor.

Read more about Christiansen and her accomplishments here.