O.H. Ingram Releases Annual Flagship Bourbon


November 16, 2023

O.H. Ingram Flagship Bourbon 2023 SQUARE

O.H. Ingram River Aged announced the release of its third annual Flagship Bourbon. Released once a year, this extremely limited, premium expression of O.H. Ingram was curated by Founder Hank Ingram and Master Blender Scott Beyer.

This year’s batch of O.H. Ingram Flagship Bourbon is bottled at 102.3 proof.  

Earlier this year, O.H. Ingram relocated to Columbus, KY and doubled its capacity for barrel aging. The expansion included a second floating barrelhouse bringing total aging capacity to over 6,000 barrels. The new location can also accommodate more than 15 additional floating barrelhouses. 

Moored on the banks of the Mississippi River in Columbus, KY, O.H. Ingram barrels are exposed to the microclimate and humidity of the river, along with its drastic rise and fall, to provoke a unique interaction between oak and spirit. These conditions are not available inside a traditional barrelhouse, and the result is a whiskey with exceptional complexity.

The distillery dubbed it Mellowed on the Mississippi. Read full details about the unique aging of O.H. Ingram Flagship and other expressions here.  

“The colder months are here and so is the 2023 Flagship,” said Ingram in a news release. “The Flagship Bourbon is a true labor of love, as we go through the barrel selection process with great care and intention. We want every Flagship batch to be distinct. This year features a 12-barrel blend selected from among our favorite barrels, and so I’m proud to let folks experience the complexities and character of the spirit.” 

O.H. Ingram Flagship is currently available on shelves in Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. It is also available for online purchase via Seelbach’s. 

To learn more about O.H. Ingram River Aged and sign up for updates, visit IngramWhiskey.com and use the Brand Finder to see where it’s available. Note that there may be a delay in adding sales locations to the map. Customers are encouraged to call their local store or neighborhood bar.